Marie Trintignant: This beautiful gesture of her 4 children revealed late…

Marie Trintignant died on August 1, 2003, victim of the blows of her former companion Bertrand Cantat after a violent argument that occurred in her hotel room in Vilnius, Lithuania. The popular actress – who was filming the TV movie at the time Colette, a free woman – should have celebrated his passage in his sixties on January 21, 2022. For all his clan, this date will inevitably be hard to live with. Nadine Trintignant confides in the pages of Gala.

While she shot the documentary titled Arte Marie Trintignant, your shattered dreams – broadcast scheduled for January 26 – director Nadine Trintignant spoke at length about the life and career of her late daughter with the magazine Gala. She particularly remembered her as being a mother “wonderful” Who “took her children to all the shoots, everywhere“. The opportunity to evoke a memory and make a touching revelation: “One day, we were in Polynesia to shoot The Prince of the Pacific, and the whole team was getting tattooed stuff. Mary has had a sun made at the bottom of her belly with four rays at the end of which are inscribed the four names of her sons. They, today, all have ‘Mom’ or ‘Mary’ tattooed on their chest or their shoulder.

Marie Trintignant was the mother of four children, born to different fathers, who today are “broken“victims of”cracks that we never get rid of“according to Nadine, who however gives encouraging news of the latter. “Novel [fils de Richard Kolinka, né en 1986] has restaurants, tours, he works a lot. Paul [fils de François Cluzet, né en 1993] written but won’t show me yet when my editor wants to read it. Leon [fils de Mathias Othnin-Girard, né en 1996] works in catering. jules [fils de Samuel Benchetrit, né en 1998] is an actor. He will soon play Sami Frey in the film that Danièle Thompson is making on Brigitte Bardot“, she confides.

The full interview with Nadine Trintignant can be found in Gala, edition of January 20, 2022.

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