Marilou Berry: “Are you really sure?”, this accessory that she wanted to wear in Marianne

By composing this examining magistrate, freely inspired by the documentary Neither judge, nor submitted, Marilou Berry did not shy away from her pleasure in playing in Marianne. Empathetic and iconoclastic, a new heroine is born! It is to be discovered on Wednesday September 7, at 9:10 p.m., on France 2.

How did you get hold of this character inspired by reality (the Brussels examining magistrate Anne Gruwez, seen in the documentary film produced by the team of Striptease, released in 2017)?

Marilou Berry: Reading the script Marianne, I immediately saw this “girl” silhouette with haphazard hair and clothes that don’t care about fashion. Then I asked to have false teeth and, there, I heard myself answer: “Are you really sure?” I don’t like prettiness, it doesn’t really interest me. There is beauty in many other things that are not necessarily “pretty”. As Colombo, I wanted Marianne to be super recognizable and, at the same time, versatile.

His phrasing, on the other hand, is very identifiable…

It’s the one I heard while turning the pages of the screenplay. Contrary to what I discovered, not everyone has a little voice in their head when reading a screenplay or a novel, but I’ve always had it! Ever since I was little, I have also picked up mini-details by observing people, which I then use for roles. That too, I thought everyone did.

Does your son, Andy, 3 and a half years old, also have this “little voice in his head”?

I hope ! In any case, he loves stories and he likes having them invented for him. At the same time, he shouldn’t have this voice in very high doses because it’s not necessarily a gift.

You seem to be totally free from image or better profile concerns, is this really the case?

Honestly Yes. I think anything that belongs to a desire for “control” is counterproductive. I discovered that when I looked at myself too much, I didn’t make the right decisions. The control is in the upstream work. The delivery is done by “unplugging” on the set.

Feel like “particle acceleration” from your role in I promise you (TF1 series whose third season is being filmed, editor’s note)?

Not really. On the other hand, I realized the importance of the impact of television compared to the cinema where a success is one, even two million spectators, whereas on TV, it is three to four times more ! People text me when I’m shopping, which I don’t mind because, since I’m not Britney Spears, it does not create a riot! It’s super rewarding to give them pleasure.

Hasn’t television become as fertile a playground as cinema?

Absolutely, and even more so for actresses! TV shows a real desire to achieve gender parity, in particular by hiring women in teams other than make-up or hairdressing, and this is also reflected in the characters.

Marianne is an example, right?

It’s one of the things I liked the most. She’s alone, independent, single, childless, she loves life, sex, food and culture, and that doesn’t make her a victim.

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