Marina Hoermanseder: That's what she counts against the allegations of the "GNTM" fans

Marina Hoermanseder
She counters the allegations of the "GNTM" fans

Marina Hoermanseder (r.) Supported Heidi Klum in the "GNTM" jury.

© ProSieben / Richard Huebner

Did the deaf "GNTM" candidate Maria have to leave because she criticized Marina Hoermanseder's outfit? The designer defends herself.

In the second episode of the current "Germany's next top model" season it was over for the deaf Maria. For the 21-year-old there was no photo of Heidi Klum (47) after the decision walk. Many fans cannot understand this decision and express criticism of guest juror Marina Hoermanseder.

The Austrian designer equipped the girls for the decision walk with her unusual creations. However, 21-year-old Maria felt uncomfortable in her outfit because, in her opinion, the cups on her breasts were sticking out too much: "I wanted to ask whether it has to be like that?" She asked the designer in the backstage area. Did the candidate have to leave because she questioned her outfit? "Maria's criticism of her outfit had nothing to do with her departure," said Hoermanseder in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

Many fans criticize Maria's departure from yesterday's "GNTM" episode. Can you understand the reactions?

Marina Hoermanseder: Maria has managed to build up a large "GNTM" fan base within a short period of time, which is remarkable and shows how well she is received by the target group. It is therefore clear that many fans are disappointed with their departure – and that is absolutely understandable! Unfortunately, the reactions to her departure did not remain factual, but were in part very personal and insulting, which for me was a clear crossing of boundaries.

Did the jurors agree who had to leave "GNTM"?

Hoermanseder: The final decision always rests with Heidi – she's the boss. However, all three of us agreed that both the shoot and the walk were not strong enough. Nobody in the jury knew about her uncertainty about the outfit, that happened in the backstage area. This year's season of "GNTM" simply has so much quality that this time it was not enough for Maria.

What was ultimately the decisive factor for Maria's dismissal, Maria's criticism of your outfit or the walk?

Hoermanseder: Maria's criticism of her outfit had nothing to do with her departure. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable in the outfit, and here it's a model's job not to let that show and go for a professional walk. "GNTM" is based on the fact that a model has to leave the show in every episode. Unfortunately, in this case, Maria's performance was not good enough, especially when compared to the strong competition.

Nevertheless, the question arises, should a model not ask questions about his outfit?

Hoermanseder: Questions about the outfit are normal and are answered by the team in the backstage area – this is the only way to perfect the looks! From my professional point of view and my experience as a designer, the question of whether a model likes the outfit does not arise. Unfortunately, that has to be said so clearly. What is of course always important to me, also in order to be able to present my looks according to my ideas, is that the outfit fits and fits well on the model. That was clearly the case with Maria – I thought she looked great and I told her that several times. In the run-up to the walk, my team and I carefully assigned each candidate a look that was as perfect as possible to match the look and size of the models. What you didn't see on the air was that this was the third look Maria didn't like. In a tough and fast-moving industry, models have to have an extremely self-confident demeanor in order to cover up insecurities, which unfortunately Maria did not do well enough.

Are you really as hard as you saw on the show yesterday?

Hoermanseder: No, I don't think so. But at least it's about "Germany's next top model" and as we know, only a girl can become that. In order to be fair to the competition, you have to give honest and constructive feedback to every girl. All candidates fight for their dream of becoming "Germany's next top model". This is more than just TV entertainment. I want to do my part to prepare the girls for the tough modeling business. In the real model business, unfortunately, it doesn't get any easier.

Did you talk to Maria again afterwards? Did you feel sorry for the candidate?

Hoermanseder: I feel sorry for every candidate whose big dream of "GNTM" is shattered. The girls give everything, it's a huge challenge every day, and sometimes your nerves can be pretty bare. I haven't spoken to Maria yet. She accepted her departure with great professionalism. I couldn't foresee the dynamism that then developed in their fan base.