Marina Kaye in love: the identity of her companion (finally) revealed: Current Woman The MAG


Marina Kaye is happy in love, and intends to let it know. Friday January 1, 2021, the singer unveiled the face of his mate for the very first time on social networks. "Grateful for 2020. Hello 2021" she said on Instagram, captioning a tender shot on which she languidly kisses her beloved. A photo published only a few minutes after the midnight countdown, which was able to charm Internet users. "My God, you are so cute",

"How I love you both", "You are beautiful the two lovebirds", "So cute. Best wishes lovers " can we read in the comments. If the star took care not to not identify the chosen one of his heart on publication, she had still given more information about her romantic relationship in a previous interview.

Marine Kaye as a couple: her confidences about her companion

Usually very discreet about her private life, Marine Kaye had benefited from an exclusive interview granted to Here is, in November 2020, to make unpublished statements about her beloved. "It's not music at all, we met through friends " she had declared. Used to being inspired by her private life to write her songs, Marina Kaye still wanted to reassure her fans: no music from her new album is related to her new idyll. "Look no further for clues about him in this album, I wrote it before I met him. There is no toxicity to it, clearly " she assured. The interpreter of Homeless even added "I can be very good privately with him and have lots of previous ideas that are coming back and that I would like to express ". Something to reassure the followers of the 22-year-old singer: she will not change her musical style immediately.

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