“Marine Le Pen was up to it”, considers Dussopt, described as “murderer” by an LFI deputy

The Minister of Labor, invited on France Info, however specifies that he has “nothing in common” with the president of the RN in the National Assembly.

It’s a phrase that has created quite a stir. Olivier Dussopt, described as “murderer” by a rebellious deputy in the Hemicycle, returned to this episode in the columns of the World . The Minister of Labor then assured that Marine Le Pen had been, “in that moment», «much more republican than many others» and that a «part of the left“.

A statement which, naturally, is far from having pleased certain elected officials of the Nupes. Invited to France Info on March 6, Olivier Dussopt confirms his words. “Marine Le Pen and I have nothing in common, I have nothing in common with the National Rally”, first wanted to clarify the Minister of Labor. “A deputy from La France insoumise called me an “assassin”, this angered me and created a stir in all the groups of the National Assembly“, he continued. “All the group presidents spoke and what Marine Le Pen said at that time was much more respectful of the institution than what others were able to say.»

His reaction, he says,was up to it“. “Does that mean I share anything with her? No“, then decided Olivier Dussopt, considering that those who participate in the”demonizationof the RN come from the rebellious ranks. “The RN remains a far-right party that we are fighting.»

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