Mario Gomez: The next few months will belong entirely to his family

With the promotion to the first division Mario Gomez says goodbye to professional football. The free time now belongs entirely to the family.

Almost 500 Bundesliga games with 261 goals, plus 117 appearances for the German national team: Mario Gomez (34) says goodbye to professional football with an impressive record. After perfecting his promotion to the first Bundesliga with VfB Stuttgart last Sunday, he not only announced his career end in an interview with SWR. He immediately promised his family that they would see him abundantly in the coming time.

So the 34-year-old could very well imagine returning to VfB in a different role than as a player. But there is no rush to clarify what exactly this return could look like: "I told the boys that they can always call me. But not in the next four months. They belong to me and my family."

He wanted to use this time to "switch off" with his loved ones and to find out "what I miss, what I want, what role I can imagine". Gomez married the model Carina Wanzung in July 2016. In May 2018, the two parents.