Mario Kart 9 in development, new mechanics introduced

Dr Serkan Toto, journalist always very knowledgeable when it comes to Japanese video games, said in his paper on his 2022 forecasts (via Gamesindustry) that a new episode of the Mario Kart series was in development at Nintendo. According to him, even if Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still selling very well, this would not have prevented the Japanese manufacturer from working on the sequel.

A ninth episode which should welcome a new gameplay mechanic, after the anti-gravitational tracks of the 8. Of course, the community has already been happy to theorize about what this could be: some imagine a more “F1” approach to the formula, while rumors are circulating about a much larger cast than the usual.

Please note, we are talking about a game that is under development, we will therefore have to be patient, however Nintendo should start communicating around this new entry this year.

In a last report from NDP, it is stated that Mario Kart 8 holds the first place of racing games sold in the US.

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