Marion Maréchal deplores “playground” debates with the RN

Marion Maréchal deplores the nature of the relationship between her party Reconquête! and the RN.

Marion Maréchal, vice-president of the far-right party Reconquête! of Eric Zemmour, lamented on Tuesday that his training and the RN find themselves “debating in a playground instead of looking at the essential issue” which is, according to her, an alliance for the legislative elections. The former FN deputy (now RN), who faces “personal contingencies” (she is several months pregnant), also announced on RTL that she would make “in the coming week” the decision to present herself or not in the legislative elections in Carpentras (Vaucluse).

Asked about the tense relations between the two parties, she replied that “if we start doing the archeology of hurtful and excessive sound bites during the campaign, we are not going to get out of it”. “We actually find ourselves debating in a playground instead of looking at the essential issue,” she said.

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A meeting proposal

Marion Maréchal and the other vice-presidents of Reconquête!, ex-LR Guillaume Peltier and ex-RN Nicolas Bay, proposed a “meeting” with the RN on Monday to forge an “agreement” for the legislative elections of 12 and June 19. But the RN, whose candidate Marine Le Pen, gathered 41.5% of the votes in the second round of the presidential election, against 7.07% for Eric Zemmour, refuses any alliance.

The granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen nevertheless admitted that a “union of different political movements” is generally done “according to the electoral weight of each and that naturally the leader is the one who has obtained the most votes in the elections, in this case Marine Le Pen”. RN officials criticized Eric Zemmour for not recognizing Marine Le Pen as “leader of the opposition”, while the former polemicist on Sunday invited the “national bloc” to “unite”, criticizing the eighth defeat of a Le Pen in the presidential election. A remark that “went badly, because if the name of Le Pen really bothers him, he will have to get rid of a Le Pen that he wanted to aggregate with him, in this case Marion”, tackled Tuesday on Cnews Louis Aliot, vice-president of the RN.

The legislative elections, “it’s an establishment, notoriety, a program to be developed, not just ‘I give you this, you take that'” in a “logic of bargaining”, he defended. He assured that the RN, which is targeting “at least one parliamentary group”, would present candidates “in all constituencies” with “two or three exceptions”. “Why not”, he also replied to the scenario of RN support for the candidacies of Guillaume Peltier or Stanislas Rigault, boss of young supporters of Eric Zemmour, because “of all the zemmourists they are part of those who were the least vindictive” against the RN.

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