Markets in anticipation – March 30, 2022

Market Strategist


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Make no mistake, behind his baby face hides a trading specialist. Tireless strategist, relentless analyst, famous twittos and pedagogical thinker, the hyperactive Nicolas Chron supports you in defining your stock market strategies.
Find Nicolas just about everywhere and in particular, every Tuesday in his mission “The markets in action”.

Every week, find decryptions and analyzes on the markets, especially on equities. These popular educational videos will give you the keys to investing in the financial markets.

Episode 67

Video program

  • First part

    • Focus markets – explanations of the latest movements
    • Top/Flop – macroeconomics and pedagogy section

  • Second part

    • Analysis of indices, gold, silver and bitcoin
    • trend following
    • Strong Cases
    • Foreign

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J2M86 – 33 minutes ago

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holidays ok, but very sloppy today…

J2M86 – 32 minutes ago

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it’s the holidays in anticipation!

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