Marlene Lufen: Fans and colleagues are enthusiastic about the new swimwear picture

TV presenter Marlene Lufen is an eye-catcher on Instagram: fans and colleagues are blown away by her new picture in a swimsuit.

TV presenter Marlene Lufen (49) enjoys the weekend airily dressed. Without further ado, she got the swimwear out of the closet and got ready for a few laps in the water. "Swim today?" She teasingly commented on her Instagram snapshot showing her in a turquoise brand swimsuit. Her curly hair casually falls into the face of the "Sat.1 breakfast television" host.

Fans and colleagues are enthusiastic about the 49-year-old's sporty appearance. Among them are the TV ladies Charlotte Würdig (42), Frauke Ludowig (56) and Annemarie Carpendale (42). But also moderator Patrice Bouedibela (45) steps on the accelerator pedal. "Is #TBT (Throwback Thursday) again today?" He asks Lufen. In his opinion, it doesn't look much older than 27 years in the picture. What many probably do not know: Lufen was actually a competitive swimmer in her youth.