Marlène Schiappa soon to be a TV host? Cyril Hanouna explains himself

Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri
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12:11 p.m., May 20, 2022

The newspaper “Le Figaro” has revealed that Marlène Schiappa could move from politics to television and join C8 at the start of the media season next September. The Minister Delegate for Citizenship denied the information, but Cyril Hanouna provided details on this possible transfer that he is trying to put in place.

Marlène Schiappa denies, but Le Figaro persist and sign. The daily published an article on Thursday explaining that the Minister Delegate for Citizenship could have a program on C8 at the start of the media season next September and that she would have made several program proposals, in particular to Cyril Hanouna. Following the publication of this article, Marlène Schiappa tweeted to deny the information. “Contrary to what the press writes without even having taken the trouble to consult me, on the basis of fantasies, I have no TV program planned on C8! I am still a minister and on my mission until the last minute “, she wrote.

“It was I who went to see Marlène Schiappa”

As for Cyril Hanouna, the TV host and producer reacted Thursday evening on his show Do not touch My TV. He admits to having discussed with Marlène Schiappa. “I think she has a very big talent, I think she’s made for that,” he explained live on C8. “Marlène answered me: ‘Of course, I can’t position myself for the moment since I’m still in government and I don’t know what will happen next. Maybe I’ll still be Minister, maybe I would have other functions within the government. But we will talk about it again.

The star presenter of C8 adds that nothing is decided at the moment. “But we never went into such details [que ceux cités dans l’article du Figaro, ndlr]. Of course, she told me what she liked about TV, that she loved testimonial shows, shows that help people, etc. It’s not Marlène Schiappa who wants to be a columnist or a host. It was me, as a producer, who went to see her to tell her that I believed in her.” Le Figaro maintains its information, while specifying that negotiations are indeed taking place, but that nothing has been signed for the moment.

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