Mars gives you wings

Mars, which stimulates libido and harmony between heart, body and mind, enters Libra this Thursday. A week that should bring ambition and perseverance to many zodiac signs, both professionally and emotionally! Back to school week for everyone, even the stars …

Capricorn weekly horoscope

Promising Heart-Side Horoscope: Singles can expect a week full of opportunities. Flirtations develop quickly, and deeper feelings are likely to come into play. Couples will enjoy physical closeness and emotional intimacy – an ideal combination for being happy.
At the professional level, be careful not to rush, and to show diplomacy. This is a good time to develop new projects, provided you are ready for negotiations. Pay attention to your finances. In terms of form, your sporting ambition is limited. You prefer to enjoy your free time in a relaxed way, and just don’t want to do anything. It’s okay to want to rest. Pay particular attention to your diet: fruits and vegetables to invite as much as possible on the plate!

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Aquarius weekly horoscope

In love, the stars make you vibrate and inspire you. You want beautiful things. Venus can however weaken and clashes are possible. Singles need to be approached, and are in the mood for flirting. Professionally, you work very well on your image. You interact in a fine way thanks to your good intuitions and your sensitivity. A good combo to achieve your goals. Financially, you have a sense of big projects, but also of small luxuries. In terms of form, your fighting spirit and perseverance are impressive. In sport, you are fit for demanding goals. Anyone who wants to gain stamina is making good progress. After the exercise, you will feel comfortable in peace and a certain isolation. Good interior balance.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Venus and Neptune make you an imaginative lover. Single ? You’re in luck: it’s easy to fall in love with you. The couples are on good terms and are enjoying a harmonious phase.
At work, your tasks are quite delicate. But you know what you can do and don’t be afraid. You can quickly defuse conflicts and create new sympathy among colleagues. Venus promotes inner harmony. On the well-being side, try new treatments! With meditation and yoga, you can quickly let go and relax.

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Aries weekly horoscope

Singles want to be approached, inspired by Mars. You want a particularly receptive partner. For couples, your relationship is dynamic.
In terms of work and money, Mercury puts a stick in your wheels. Fortunately, you are very resourceful, so you know how to get by quickly and in the end you can convince with your ideas. On the fitness side, Mars delivers an extra dose of energy and pep.

Taurus weekly horoscope

When it comes to love and eroticism, take it up a notch. Venus and Saturn cause trouble in the relationship. Your partner needs patience. Singles prefer a creative break, aren’t quite comfortable on apps, and just feel better solo.
At work, concentrating on the essentials is very easy for you today. Routine work is fine for you. When it comes to financial matters, you are currently relying on your intuition a lot.
You currently lack motivation for sport and action. You are a dreamer and need more time to relax. During your free time, you allow yourself a lot of space for the soul. You are very intuitive and can optimally rely on your inner voice.

Gemini Weekly Horosocope

Mars and Jupiter cause explosive effects in your private life. You will most certainly be pulled out of your routine. A particularly amazing lover awaits single people. People in a relationship feel passion, with new experiences in bed. Mercury’s support makes you open and curious about communication. You are ready to connect with the right people. On the money side, business is better and you have a good income. Go outdoors, nature is a special source of energy for you!

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Venus really gets you going, and there’s a lot going on on the sex side. Couples enjoy a phase that is both pleasant and romantic. Singles also give their all and are looking for playmates.
Venus promotes harmony and cohesion among colleagues. You work in a particularly creative way, your energy level is somewhat limited and you focus more on relaxation and well-being. Which gives you a great look, however!

Leo weekly horoscope

Singles need time to figure out if they want someone by their side right now. From September 15, Mars once again delivers stimulating erotic vibrations. Thanks to Mercury and Mars, now is the right time for employment and finances.
In terms of form, this is the perfect time for preventive examinations and all check-ups. You are very careful about your health and rely more and more on physical training.

Virgo weekly horoscope

Venus and Uranus bring movement to your love life. Your sex appeal is incredibly strong. Singles successfully seek connection and quickly develop intense feelings.
At the moment, you like to be in the center professionally, and can contribute your ideas. You score points with your superiors and important clients. You also score positive points financially. You react in a very intuitive way, and you can thus cushion the stress well.
You are not a fan of intense exercise during this period, but are more into slow food and well-being.

Libra weekly horoscope

Mars and Jupiter make singles shine. But solo, you like freedom and prefer to flirt without obligation. With couples, emotions are a roller coaster: heated arguments then passionate reconciliations.
Professionally, you better promote your own interests and achieve excellent results. When it comes to financial projects, you are patient and very realistic.
Saturn promotes inner calm and the ability to feel good and relax. You will like to spend time in nature and / or take care of animals.

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Venus offers sexy vibrations. This allows you to enjoy days full of eroticism and playfulness with your favorite person. Singles also feel good, and feel like they might fall in love. The dream partner is already very close, take a good look!
The more creative and creative impulses your job offers, the more motivated you are to work. Hold back on impulse buying, you’re pulling out your wallet way too fast.
Venus supports everything related to wellness, relaxation and beauty treatments. It’s clear: the better you do yourself, the better you feel. You lack motivation for sport … It will come back!

Horosocope of the week of Sagittarius

Mars and Jupiter send you on a tight erotic program. Want proximity for couples, and imagination too. Singles have an appetite for quick conquests and can be easily aroused by a beautiful figure and beautiful bright eyes. You are ambitious, enthusiastic and full of ideas, and therefore on your way to success. Mercury and Jupiter also create the best conditions for harmonious negotiations and very good business.

Your energy level is high and your mental state is excellent.

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