Marteria and Jadu: the musician couple has long since separated

Marteria and Jadu
The musician couple has long since separated

The married couple Marteria and Jadu – here at an event in March 2017 – have long since separated.

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Rapper Marteria and musician Jadu have "not been together for 2 years". Love became friendship, as they are now making public.

Rapper Marteria (38, "Wildes Herz") and his wife, musician Jadu (32, "Uniform") are no longer lovers. They announced that more or less together on Tuesday with a "short statement" via Instagram. "Zecke & I haven't been together for 2 years and love has developed into a friendship," she writes on her account.

"We still go for a pike or party together via video chat, like here in this picture, created at a legendary fetish party by Count Vincent von Schlippenbach (when you were still allowed to)", Jadu continues. You can see a black-and-white picture of the two of them: She looks at him while he looks at the camera with arms stretched out. And the hashtag #beautiful best friends speaks volumes. And what does Marteria say about it? He comments on your post with a red heart.

Marten Laciny, his real name, and Jadula Freydank, now Jadula Laciny, have been married since 2015.