Martin Hinteregger ends career: too big mental problems

Dhe news came as a complete surprise, but only because the public did not know the extent of Martin Hinteregger’s mental difficulties.

In his recently published autobiography, the Austrian defender of Eintracht described the fact that he suffered under the pressure to perform as a professional. But he gave the impression of being able to control the demons within himself to some extent. This has obviously not been the case since last autumn.

One can only congratulate Hinteregger

Hinteregger can only be congratulated on his decision to end his professional career from one day to the next, as can the Eintracht leadership on their human reaction. It gives its deserving player the opportunity, without any stress, to start his life anew outside of the professional constraints and smoothly dispose of his profession, which tormented him.

Simply suspending the contract is also a good solution from an economic point of view, because the transfer rights remain with the Frankfurt club until the end of the concluded contract on June 30, 2024. If Hinteregger sees himself able to resume the life of a professional footballer in the foreseeable future, Eintracht will not be at a disadvantage.

The Austrian’s abrupt end to his career explains in retrospect his many irritating actions in recent weeks: his excessive celebrations of the Europa League title, which ultimately made him miss the farewells of his teammates, his inexperienced interviews with the Austrian press, which had to annoy Eintracht , his half-hearted disengagement from his far-right neighbor who helped him organize his amateur football tournament. Just like his employer couldn’t reach him for weeks and that he only wanted to start rehabilitation several weeks late after his injury.

Ironing it all out and getting back into the team circle as if nothing had happened would have been difficult for any professional footballer. It’s impossible for someone who hates his job. Eintracht and their “Hinti” part on good terms and the mythical connection between club and player remains. Congratulations, Mr. Hinteregger and good luck in your new life.

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