Marvel: Jason Momoa turned down this fan-favorite character

He thought that this role would not be important and yet. Jason Momoa has indeed refused to play one of the favorite characters of a beloved Marvel saga…

Fast & Furious X, which is currently breaking movie records, gave Jason Momoa the opportunity to step into a villainous role this time around. The regular in the roles of heroes and superheroes, who gave life to the famous Aquaman, should also continue on the DC path since James Gunn seems to have a new future for him with the studio. And it’s not surprising since the latter already wanted the actor in his films in the past… for a competing franchise, what’s more!

Indeed, as SensaCine reports, before swimming in the oceans of the DCU, Jason Momoa almost played in one of the best Marvel saga according to fans: that of the Guardians of the Galaxy signed james gunn. And yes, during the casting phase, Jason Momoa was part of the pre-selection to play one of the heroes who ended up becoming a fan favorite too: we named Drax, the Destroyer, who finally was played by the iconic Dave Bautista in the trilogy that just ended with Guardians of the Galaxy 3, as well as in the latest Avengers.


It’s finally Jason Momoa himself who rejected the possibility of being part of the MCU, not being convinced by the role at all and thinking that it would not matter, as he explained to Fandom Wire.

It didn’t really fit with my plans because I’ve had so many roles where I don’t say much and I’m wearing paint and I’m still without a t-shirt.

The actor had his Stargate: Atlantis series in mind, in which he played a similar character for four years: “an alien who didn’t say much and growled”. He adds : “I’ve been through this before, whether people saw it or not. You want to be able to diversify.

However, Jason Momoa really does not regret his decision, not so much because he was able to be the protagonist of his own DC saga and be one of the heroes of Justice League (2017), but because he saw Dave Bautista making the role his own, making it more elaborate and fun than he would have thought: “I think it’s a perfect cast. Dave is perfect for this role, for Drax.“That is what is said.

2023 definitely rhymes with Jason Momoa : After Fast & Furious Xstill showing, we will find the actor in the second part of the adventures of Aquaman, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which will be released on our screens on December 20, 2023.

In the meantime, Aquaman (2018) is available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. On the Marvel side, the first two opuses of Guardians of the Galaxy are to be reviewed on Disney +, while volume 3 is to be found in the cinema.

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