Marvel: Sam Raimi didn’t want a zombie in Doctor Strange 2

Contrary to what one might think at first, director Sam Raimi didn’t want the zombie version of Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness continues to do well in theaters. At the time of these lines, the Marvel feature film directed by Sam Raimi and worn by Benedict Cumberbatch has already totaled more than 800 million dollars worldwide.

And even if many have recognized the paw of Sam Raimi in his first realization within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the filmmaker did not particularly wish that this could be the case, nor that we place in this film too many references to his universe. . For example, Raimi didn’t specifically want the zombie version of Doctor Strange in the movie, which was seen in some of the movie’s trailers.

Screenwriter Michael Waldron has indeed entrusted to polygon :

“I was writing with Sam in mind really all the time. I had seen his films, I tried to pay attention to their dialogues because I wanted [Strange 2] sounds like a Sam Raimi movie. But he, you have to admit that, was not at all interested in coming for a kind of best of [de son oeuvre]. Sam didn’t come to say “give me a zombie”. In fact, when I pitched the idea of ​​the Undead Stranger to him, he was really hesitant, because he didn’t want it to be taken as ‘I want to do my Sam Raimi thing’.”


Captain America…zombie!

It was therefore necessary to convince the director of Evil Dead that Doctor Strange zombie version was the ultimate and necessary solution to the resolution of the main plot of the scenario in order to silence his reluctance. “Once we could justify it that way”recalls Waldron, “Sam agreed”.

And that’s how “Zombie Strange” was born: thanks to a lot of insistence from the filmmaker, who at first seemed to want to do without it. This may come as a surprise, since Sam Raimi just started his career in the zombie film.

For more “zombie” versions of MCU characters, see Episode 5 of the What If…? available on Disney+ and aptly titled: “What If… Zombies?!”

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