Marvel Snap: A new Hearthstone-style card game announced on PC and mobiles

If the games Marvel are not a hit on consoles, like the failure of Marvel’s Avengers, mobile is still fertile ground for the Maison des Idées. We have recently been able to see this with the release of marvel future revolutionbut we still have proof of this with the announcement of marvel snapa new card game inspired by Hearthstonewhich places the Multiverse at the center of its experience.

The Multiverse as a card game

As we can see in this first cinematic, America Chavez is widely featured and here must use her powers linked to the Multiverse to summon a whole bunch of alternate versions of our favorite heroes and heroines, to fight against certain villains, like Galactus or Doom.

You will then recognize Ben Brodeformer director ofHearthstonewho is currently in charge of this marvel snaphence the similarities with the Blizzard title.

marvel snap has been in development for 4 years now, and obviously put the collection aspect at the center of its experience, while offering faster gameplay than other games of the genre. It will then be necessary to place its units on three battlefields, with a view to taking control of two playing fields.

Matches are expected to last three minutesand everything is linked very quickly because both opponents play at the same time, rather than one after the other. The deckbuilding won’t take too long either because we’ll be limited here to only 12 unique cards per deck.

Multiverse obliges, each character will be entitled to several different cardswith unique designs. 150 cards will be present at launchand more will be added over time.

Of course, everything is free-to-playand it will be possible to get all the cards without paying, if you have a little luck.

marvel snap will be released on iOS and Android, but also on PC, with early access on that platform when mobile versions roll out globally. No release date yet, but it is possible to register for the beta on the official website (if you live in the authorized countries).

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