Marvel Snap: collector tokens, Pools 4 and 5… The beginnings of predatory monetization for the game?

Marvel Snap is undeniably off to a flying start, and Ben Brode and his colleagues are responding well to player enthusiasm. The game’s development teams have already announced the outlines of the December patch, and it’s likely to be a big chunk. On the menu, a shower of new cards, new variants but also and above all the deployment of Pools 4 and 5, together with the Collector Tokens system.

A feature expected by all?

On paper, the Collector token system is great news. It makes it possible to overcome one of the most frustrating things in the game, which is not being able to choose AT ALL your next acquisitions. This is especially true for Pool 3 players, who sometimes have to wait a long time before getting their hands on this or that top meta keycard.

Available from Collector Level 500, the token system will initially be very nice. No more waiting ages to get a specific card!

Pools 4 and 5: the beginnings of cash play?

Together with the token system will arrive Card Pools 4 and 5. And that’s what has caused a lot of gnashing of teeth recently, because these cards will be much rarer than the others. Pool 4 cards are 10 times rarer than Pool 3 cards, and Pool 5 cards are downright 100 times rarer than Pool 3 cards.

Distill rarity and lootboxes in a TCG, it’s not the end of the world either, but it’s already a first contrast with what Marvel Snap had been so far: an almost pure free-to-play model.

As feared Zeddyeminent critic and analyst of the TCG and in particular of Hearthstone, this new monetization of Marvel Snap could lead to the impossibility of having a complete collection of all the cards in the game. Indeed, from the deployment of the token system, a new map will be added to the game every week. And if these are categorized into pools 4 and 5, then the hope of collecting all the cards is lost a little more for free to play…

It is however advisable to keep tweezers, because we have not yet been able to see at work and over time, the system of tokens and “ultra rare” Pools. So be patient, and you’ll have to give this model a chance.

Entry into pool 3 is tougher than expected? Don’t panic, the good old Zoo decks are still available to help you win at a lower cost. Here is a selection of the best compositions that revolve around Kazar and small cards obtained easily.

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