Marvel Snap is already creating controversy with loot boxes

Since leaving Blizzard, Ben Brode had been pretty quiet about his project with Second Dinner. Last May, the studio unveiled its CCG, directly immersed in the Marvel universe. Planned for PC, Android and iOS, the title launched its closed beta phase 2 months ago. And the latest update as of marvel snap is already making a lot of noise among players, with a particularly vicious introduction of loot boxes.

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It did not even have to wait for its official release for the first abuses to appear. The last update introduced the Nexus Events, allowing to discover the loot boxes. These reveal new heroes to collect, either directly from the Marvel library, or inspired by Disney movie releases. As much to combine the useful with the pleasant by surfing on the strong characters of the moment. However, these events are not. Everything they add to marvel snap are loot boxes obtainable only with real money.

No wonder so far, it is a classic economic system for mobile games. But we saw it with the last title from Blizzard, this practice is frowned upon by all players, even if some will not hesitate to take out the wallet. Each loot box contains 10 cards, at the price of 1,800 gold, which amounts to €29.35. A pity system is however present, ensuring to obtain a card put forward at the end of the fiftieth drawing. It is therefore 18,000 gold, or €230.15, that must be paid for this. If, as for the current event, two characters are present, it is therefore necessary to at least double this sum, because there is always a possibility of obtaining a duplicate of the first.

And to make matters worse, these cards are exclusive. Or at least until the end of the associated event. If, eventually, all the players will be able to obtain these cards, this benefits those who do not hesitate to pay. To remain competitive, and with an event every two weeks, you will have to prepare a heavy monthly budget to keep up.

Ben Brode apologizes, but the loot boxes will stay

With the outcry caused by this addition, Ben Brode quickly came to reassure the players. He wanted to recall the philosophy of the game according to him: a title that does not revolve around the power of money and that the content of these loot boxes does not give any advantage to those who buy them. A boat response, which in no way promises to lower prices or to offer free-to-play players the possibility of obtaining these loot boxes.

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