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Second Dinner Studios has deployed a important update this January 31 for Marvel Snap. This brings, finally, the Duel mode, which allows you to face your friends in a completely different format, also allowing you to test your decks without being impacted in the competitive ranking. More on that in our Marvel Snap Duel Mode guide.

At the same time, several cards have been revised, including the Leader, which is still debated despite its recent nerf. It’s hard to call these new changes a nerf or a buff, but no doubt playing Leader will be much more tactical now. Its power has increased from 3 to 7, but it now only copies the cards played on the right slot. Wolverine is also improved, with a power of +2 when the card is destroyed, in order to make it a little more interesting.

The rest of the update mostly focuses on fixing issues. You can find the Marvel Snap January 31 update patch notes below.

New in the update

  • NEW FEATURE: Friendlies! You can now play against your friends with an in-game code. Tap the new ‘Game Modes’ icon in the navigation bar, then tap ‘Friendly Match’ to get started!


  • You can now change your name in your avatar menu every 30 days.
  • Added Zabu to Series 5 in the Token Shop.
  • Player support conversations now display a red dot to let you know that a response is waiting for you.


  • A slider to adjust the volume of voices has been added to the Options menu.


  • Added new visual effects for Ghost Rider when there are no playing cards.



  • The leader : [6/7] Revealed: Copies all cards played by your opponent to the right slot, but on your side.

Developer Comment: The Leader is an important “finisher move” in the current Snap meta. However, it promotes certain choices of cards and game patterns that we are not satisfied with, in particular with its superiority compared to other cards of initial cost 6 which we find just as cool. So we’re changing The Leader to only copy cards played on the slot to its right and giving it a higher base power to compensate. We hope this change rewards smart predictions and alleviates the frustration of players facing it.

  • Wolverine : [2/2] when this card is discarded or destroyed, it regenerates on a random slot with power +2.

Developer Comment: Wolverine is hardly ever played, which is a shame for such an iconic character. So we’re giving it a big buff to reward players for activating its effect and provide new deck building options for both low and high collectibles.

Note: We’ve updated its text from “play” to “regenerate” to better reflect this functionality of the game. This is a choice whose only optics are aesthetics and clarity.

Text updates only

Aside from Wolverine, a handful of other cards have text that says “play” when they don’t play anything at all. This small update should help players avoid confusion about how these cards interact with triggers that require playing a card:

  • Hello
  • Jubilee
  • Sentry: Made more consistent text for similar effects.


  • Text-only updates:
  • The Raft: removed the term “pickaxe” for clarity.
  • Vibranium Mines: Removed “one card” for brevity.


  • The correct translation has been integrated for Killmonger.
  • [Android] Pressing the Back button on a device or the Esc key on PC after pinning a map purchased with tokens should no longer unpin the map.
  • [iOS] UI elements no longer overlap the effect description at the bottom of a card when a card is focused.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to freeze when interacting with the Season Pass featured map.
  • Fixed several avatars that were not centered.
  • Fixed a bug where cards other than Shocker could sometimes be removed from the deck during the deck editing tutorial.
  • New items should now appear sorted by date.
  • Fixed a bug where some artist credits exceeded UI frames.
  • The pointer circle should no longer appear in the wrong places during the map upgrade tutorial.
  • The “End of Round” button should no longer cycle from round 1 to round 0, then back to round 1 at the start of a game.
  • Murderworld no longer causes a wait time at the end of turn 3.
  • Maria Hill should no longer have the opportunity to spawn cards that have not yet made it into the game.
  • Fixed a bug where Wakanda effects could appear in the wrong location if the Mirror Dimension transforms into Wakanda.
  • Vormir’s text should no longer gray out when the opponent plays a card in that slot before you.
  • Armor’s effects now properly disappear if The Isle of Silence appears on its location while it is already active there.
  • [iOS] The Season Pass home screen UI should now take device notches into account.
  • Ebony Maw effects should now move with the map.
  • Fixed a bug where Odin/The Absorbing Man would sometimes cause towers to be too long.
  • Updated fast forward effects to display the correct effects on Android.
  • Improved user experience for moving the first map moved to The Cloak’s location when it activates.
  • Updated Venom and Miss Hulk avatar variants, which were not properly aligned with the background.
  • [Windows] Hovering over variant or upgrade buttons in the Map Detail view no longer highlights both buttons at the same time.
  • [Windows] The filter menu no longer displays full screen instead of appearing on the right side of the UI.
  • [Localization] Fixed several missing/incorrect translations.


  • Enemy titles are not completely centered on the game creation screen.
  • Notifications are not appearing for redeemable rewards on the Leaderboard UI.
  • Attilan can sometimes slow down a game when its effects activate.
  • Sticking a deck full of the same card can crash the game.
  • Celebration effects when unlocking/purchasing an item may take a while to appear.
  • Altar of Death does not grant bonus energy if Green Goblin and Super-Goblin are played on it and then destroyed.
  • Death displays a UI with a cost update, even when no cards have been destroyed.
  • When a player disconnects from a friendly match, the game timeout is too long and the remaining player has to complete too many rounds to finish the game.
  • Not taking any action at the end of a friendly match and letting the timer expire can freeze the game.
  • Sometimes text overlaps/duplicates on the End Round button during a friendly match.
  • The message that appears when an incorrect code is entered for a friendly match is not descriptive enough.
  • Disconnecting from a Classic Game and then attempting to join a Friendly Match results in an invalid code message and requires you to complete your Classic Game before you can create a new Friendly Match Lobby.
  • If two players use the Snap at the same time during a friendly match, the health bar colors may appear incorrectly.
  • The Spider-Man chibi variant of the A Line in the Sand pack does not animate enough for high rarities.
  • If Rogue steals a card’s effect from the Gamma Lab before the slot’s activation, she retains the text of the effect (but not the effect itself) and does not count as a card with a effect.
  • The effect of the Time Stone does not apply correctly if it is destroyed.
  • Token Shop does not display referenced cards.
  • If the shop resets while you are on the Token Shop purchase confirmation page, you are buying the new card and not the old one.
  • Playing more than one Absorbing Man in a row can cause a loop.
  • Angela does not receive bonuses from cards turned over by Luke’s Bar if she is already active on the slot when new cards are played.
  • Logging out of a friendly match and logging into a new game with a new code puts you in the previous match.

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