Marvel Snap: Mister Negative, the best decks to play it

Available since October 2022, marvel snap was able to seduce the players, in particular by its gameplay quite simple to understand, but very deep to overcome its opponents. For simplicity, Marvel Snap is a card game where the player must win two of the three slots to win the game, thanks to the power of his cards, which very often have more or less interesting liabilities.

But after playing many games, one of these cards may have caught your eye, or just a card that highlights your favorite superhero. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with a few decks to make the best use of it. Patriotone of the best cards.

Best decks to play Patriot on Marvel Snap

It’s difficult to perfect a deck that suits all players, especially because obtaining the cards is quite random. Even if you have a high Collector Level, it’s possible that cards from Pool 3 aren’t in your library yet, which can make building a deck more difficult. In the event that one of our proposals suits you, but you are missing one or two cards, you can always adapt it according to the ones you have unlocked.

Note that the order of the decks is not indicative of their “power”, and that a deck deemed strong by one person may be difficult for another to play. Certain styles of play require, indeed, a time of adaptation. Here, you will be able to play more easily with cards without effects, which get +2 power.

First Patriot Deck

Second Patriot deck

Third Patriot Deck

These decks are only an indication, an idea, so that you can find the right formula in order to play Patriot properly on Marvel Snap. Otherwise, we also offer you different decks:

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