Marvel Snap: player versus player mode is today

Antoine Roche

January 31, 2023 at 12:30 p.m.


Marvel Snap VS © Marvel

© Marvel

A long-awaited new game mode arrives today on marvel snap. The free-to-play card game also takes the opportunity to balance itself.

As of this writing, the update is not yet live. But it shouldn’t take too long, both on PC and on mobile.

marvel snap holds its course

Even in its early access state, marvel snap does not lack qualities. It is not for nothing that it is so popular, both with players and critics. But it still lacks some essential features. And one of them is arriving this Tuesday, January 31 thanks to an update: the Battle mode, which promises player against player against his friends.

Centered on a life point system instead of cubes and taking place over several rounds without changing decks between each, this mode is truly different from the experience against random players. The games will be longer there, but there is no question of abandoning Snaps to put pressure on the opponent. At first, it will only be possible to face friends in its region, but the solution will expand thereafter.

A bit of balancing by the way

While waiting for the complete changelog of this update, Glenn Jones, the main game designer of the title, wanted to clarify several things. He thus declares that this patch brings balance, but not for the Silver Surfer and Zabu cards. Considered too powerful, these cards will however be retouched in a week or more. It also indicates that there will be no need to deploy a patch for this, as balancing can now be done in a lighter way, without an update.

For the rest of 2023, the roadmap unveiled last December was not lacking in elements. In the next few months, an interface truly adapted to the PC should arrive, as well as an unranked game system and intelligent decks.

Source : IGN

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