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Available since October, marvel snap chain events and novelties. In the next update, marking the new season, players will be able to experience a plethora of additions, including Tokens, which they can obtain by playing, to unlock new cards, including those in pools 4 and 5. Indeed, two new series of cards will be implemented, in order to add interesting combinations, and to increase the players’ collection of marvel snap.

Only 16 cards will be added initially, but enough to please the community. Second Dinner Studios being completely transparent with its community, we learn that it is not necessary, here, to have all the cards of pool 3 to unlock those of pool 4, in particular not to block players with the arrival of tokens and of the new store, both featured on the official website. But the new cards have also been detailed, and we invite you to come back to them.

The new cards from pools 4 and 5

Pool 4

Ten cards are concerned here, and can integrate all kinds of decks. Here they are :

  • she hulk → For each energy not used in the previous turn, cost -1.
  • Titania → When any card is played on this space, this card changes sides.
  • Luke CageContinued : the power of your cards cannot be reduced.
  • Absorbing ManRevealed: if the last card you played has a “Revealed” effect, this card also gets that effect.
  • Maria HillRevealed : Adds a random 1 cost card to your hand.
  • Constable CoulsonRevealed: adds a random 4 cost and 5 cost card to your hand.
  • Helicarrier → When you discard this card from your hand, it is replaced by three random cards.
  • M’Baku → If this card is in your deck after the last turn, it jumps to a random slot.
  • Attuma → If you have another card here at the end of the turn, this card is destroyed.
  • OrkaContinued : if it’s your only card here, power +5.

Pool 5

Six cards will be offered initially, supplemented by the six Infinity Stones.

  • GalactusRevealed: if it’s your only card here, destroy all other slots.
  • ValkyrieRevealed: the power of all cards on this slot is adjusted to 3.
  • Super SkrullContinued : acquires the effects ” Continued “ of all enemy cards.
  • shuriRevealed: doubles the power of the next card you play.
  • BastRevealed: the power of each card in your hand is adjusted to 3.
  • Thanos → At the start of the game, add the six Infinity Stones to your deck.
    • MindstoneRevealed: draw Infinity Stones from your deck.
    • power stoneContinued : if you played all 6 Infinity Stones, Thanos gains power +10 (wherever he is).
    • Reality StoneRevealed: transform this location into another and draw a card.
    • soul stoneRevealed: draw a card. Continuous: -1 power to enemy cards here.
    • space stoneRevealed: in the next turn, you can move a card to this space. Draw a card.
    • Time StoneRevealed: Energy +1 next turn. Draw a card.

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