Marvel Snap: Snapping at the start of the game would be smart according to its developer

marvel snap is a card game that has had some success since its release, at the end of 2022, and has already welcomed many new features, although the developers still have several very interesting things under development, with the aim of improving experience. Unlike other games of the genre, Marvel Snap has a unique feature, the Snap, which increases its cube gainwhich define our ranking in ranked.

In general, these Snaps are used when we think victory is almost assured, to avoid losing any stupidly, but some do not hesitate to press the button, triggering a “ Oh Snap! even before the first round, which is always surprising. But according to Ben Brode, game director and formerly working on Hearthstone, it’s a “smart” move, as he explains to Kotaku.

According to him, ” if you can’t figure out if you should click, you should probably click in the first round since this tactic is better than never clicking “. The latter illustrates his idea by taking the example of a person who uses Snap very little, for fear of losing too many cubes, explaining that even if she wins 70% of her games with two cubes, the progression will not be ideal, since her earnings will be lower compared to another player, who wins fewer games, but more cubes thanks to the Snap.

Someone who has a negative win rate, but wins eight cubes when they win and loses one when they lose, will shoot up the value scale. On the other hand, someone who wins 70% of his games, but who loses eight cubes when he loses and one cube when he wins, will move in the wrong direction.

This may be the solution to climb faster in the rankings of marvel snap and unlock even more rewards. If you’re new to the game, we’ve got several guides for you, including the best decks for Pool 1, Pool 2, and Pool 3.

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