Marvel Snap: Throne Room, best decks to enjoy the event – Marvel Snap

Very often, the developers of marvel snap, namely the studio Second Dinner Studios, offers players events highlighting a special location. Of course, these are often very interesting and can allow you to get the upper hand over your opponent, if you play well and therefore chain victories, which is always good to take.

This is why we offer you some decks, one for each pool, in order to take advantage of the Throne Room event.

Best decks for Throne Room slot on Marvel Snap

First of all, know that this location, which appears more often for a few days, allows you to double the power of the cards at the highest power, which may require some tactical thinking about which cards to place. It’s not surprising, for example, to see the presence in two of these decks of Devil Dinosaur (devil Dino) who sees his power take 2 points for each card you have in your hand. Jessica Jones, who can reach 8 power, is also a very interesting card, since it can guarantee you a minimum power of sixteen.

But first of all, if you don’t know which deck to choose, here is a small selectionwhich naturally remains non-exhaustive and will also depend on the cards you have unlocked.

Deck pool 1 Throne room

deck pool 2

deck pool 3

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