Marvel Snap: Variants, how do they work and get them?

The goal, in marvel snap, is to collect as many cards as possible to build the best deck, according to your way of playing, and to progress even more in the rankings of the ranked mode, among other things. But over the course of your games, you will end up coming across cards with a different design and you may be wondering how to get some, too.

How to get card variants in Marvel Snap?

At the beginning, all players have the base versions for each of the maps, and you will also unlock the basic versions as you progress. And except in very rare cases, you’ll always get the base version before you get a variant. But after playing a few hours and progressing in your collection level, you’ll start getting map variants, especially pixelated ones, that seem less rare than others.

In our case, we got the first variants fairly quickly, but it’s still difficult to get them on a recurring basis, since as you progress, you can get more cards. This therefore multiplies the possibilities while restricting the drop rate of the variants.

But you don’t have to bet everything on luck to get original cards, sometimes with a nicer design, since the game shop allows you to buy them, for gold bars. Packs, including one or more variants, and various other items, are on sale in the store. Stand-alone variants are also sold, depending on what you are looking for. Every day the choice is different.

Get variants for free

Note that it is possible to collect card variants for free, but only one base card variant. Once the map has been upgraded to the maximum, you unlock a variant called “Prismatic finish” which gives a slightly more colorful frame and background.

In any case, even if the variants are prettier, it does not change your experience, since the cost, power and power do not change. If you’re looking for some ideas to improve, we have deck ideas for Leader or Mister Negative, two powerful cards.

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