Marvel: what scene allowed Tom Holland to become Spider-Man

While Tom Holland has already played Spider-Man six times in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, studio boss Kevin Feige recently revealed when he thinks the young actor really became Spider-Man.

At only 26 years old, Tom Holland has already worn the colors of Spider-Man in 6 feature films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Captain America: Civil War to Spider-Man: No Way Home via Avengers: Endgame, the young interpreter of Peter Parker has offered his fans several anthology sequences.

However, according to Kevin Feige, the big boss of the MCU, one of these scenes stands out from the others, and really allowed Tom Holland to “become Spider-Man”. Is this his fight against Thanos with the Avengers in Infinity War? Or of his recent meeting with his two doubles in No Way Home ? Neither.

Indeed, it was in his first solo adventure released in theaters in 2017 that, according to Kevin Feige, the MCU’s Spider-Man lived his most important moment. A sequence where, towards the end of the feature film, Peter found himself stuck under a pile of rubble after having faced the Vulture.

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“This is the moment when he lifts the debris”said Feige, explaining that the scene was inspired by a famous episode of the original comic by Steve Ditko. (…) [Cette scène] followed me all my life, and from the day I joined Marvel Studios, I said to myself that we had to integrate it into the films.

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(…) At the end of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (…) he is supporting a heavy load above them, on the pier where Doctor Octopus is building his machine. But it was really in Spider-Man: Homecoming that we were like, ‘We’re going to do this!’ For me, that’s when Tom Holland really becomes Spider-Man. Either way, now is the time. This angular, metallic debris drawn by Ditko above Spidey, and the water flowing in front of his face.”

And for you, what is the most emblematic scene of Tom Holland in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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