Marvel’s Avengers: Winter Soldier Comes to Fight MODOK in Update 2.7, Now Live

Renewed interest in sight for Marvel’s Avengers ? Anyway, that’s what you should hope for. Crystal Dynamics with the release this Tuesday of several novelties for its cooperative super-heroic game featuring the characters of the house of ideas. If you had already fully upgraded all your heroes, the arrival of winter soldier will therefore give you a reason to reconnect.

The latter is obviously entitled to his launch trailer, which he shares with MODOKthe boss of AIM Cloning Labthe new activity end game which will again confront us with hordes of robots and other synthoids. She was also entitled to her own video to be found below. And if you want to see what gives this Bucky Barnes in action, again a trailer is available, introducing his various skills in turn. The court changelog of the 2.7 update may otherwise be consulted in English on the official website.

Whether Marvel’s Avengers you are interested, it is sold from €14.87 on Amazona low investment considering that all of the additional content is free.

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