Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Hulk Rocks the House in Gameplay Previews, Various Video Guides Shared

Firaxis and 2K Games did not do things in the usual order for the last character of the roster basic of Marvel’s Midnight Sunsformalized only a few days before the launch and which was not really a surprise, the one and only and amazing Hulk. However, he enjoys the same media coverage as his little comrades with the posting of videos introducing his gameplaythe most recent just published being the usual Hero Spotlight of a few seconds, while his showcase had already been posted.

Without surprise, Hulk is the one that inflicts the most damage, but to do so he must remain enraged and therefore take damage in turn, because each of his attacks consumes a point of rage. Among the special cards, Always Angry consumes all his rage to heal him, even beyond his maximum in normal times, allowing by playing well to double his HP. Seismic Slam causes damage in a given area, while Mighty Blow targets a particular enemy, who then takes a very expensive! Finally, worldbreaker does not bother with technical considerations and atomizes all enemies on the map, the card being single-use per game. All the objects in the environment are also impacted. In contrast, Hulk has no friendship levelAbbeybut compensates for this by not being able to get hurt in battle. Obviously, such a character is only unlocked late in the campaign, but can be used from the start of the game. New Game+.

If you are interested in Marvel’s Midnight Sunswhich globally appealed to international newsrooms, it is sold from €54.99 on Amazon. Additional content is also already planned for next year with 4 additional playable characters through a Season Passin addition to the PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions.

To finish, you can find an “Accolades Trailer” on the next page, as well as various videos serving as guides for beginners, about customization, theAbbey and even some advanced tips.

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