Marvel’s Spider-Man should have had a multiplayer mode according to files found on the PC port

Marvel’s Spider-Man is finally out on PC, and obviously, it’s a hit. And while some have fun discovering the adventures of Peter Parker, others dissect this PC version in search of any hidden information about its development. The discovery of the day comes to us from DniweTamp on Twitter (information verified by VGC), which managed to find files indicating that a multiplayer mode was initially planned on the game, before being removed.

Any ideas carried over to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

The PC version therefore allows us to see thata multiplayer mode was present in the base game, with mentions that indicated the possibility of playing with Miles Morales, long before its own spin-off. Again, Miles would have had different abilities from Peter. This mode could have been called “Free for All”, and was obviously oriented towards PvE. But a PvP mode has also been foundas well as the presence of blue teams and red teams.

Other indications mention the fact that the players should have become the ” Superior Spider-Man ”, and one can imagine what mode would have seen the two Spideys go against each other through challenges, but not by directly fighting against each other (hence the different teams). This mode wouldn’t have been accessible from the start, or might even have arrived after release, but it was eventually removed.

However, with the upcoming arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we can absolutely say that Insomniac Games will take advantage of the joint adventure of Peter and Miles to introduce this multiplayer. But that, we will not know until we see the title again, which will not be released until 2023, if all goes well.

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