Marvel’s Wolverine: A violent, semi-open-world game, with an early release in fall 2024?

Marvel’s Wolverine is for the moment a project of which we ignore everything or almost, but the idea of ​​having a new game on the most popular mutant, by the team behind Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moralesthis has something to inspire. Insomniac Games gonna be way too busy promoting Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in the coming months, which means that information about this Marvel’s Wolverine might not happen this year, but Jeff Grubb is enough to make us wait.

Kratos and Wolverine will have one thing in common

The Venture Beat reporter now has plenty of credibility and only releases information when he’s pretty sure of his source, which is why he’ll be given some credit here, even if it’s all to be taken with a grain of salt.

In the latest issue of Game Mess Morning (relayed by Resetera), Grubb tackles the subject Marvel’s Wolverine stating that the game would not adopt an open-world structure like Marvel’s Spider-Manbut should opt for a more linear approach in a semi-open world, which the journalist compares to God of War Ragnarok (even if the journalist is mostly speculating here, more than relying on reliable information).

Grubb also points out that the game should take place before Logan joins the X-Men. It also indicates that this title could receive the highest classification, in other words, expect violence and blood. As for the release, nothing is set in stone yet, but Grubb says the team is reportedly aiming for a fall 2024 releasebut that could easily move to 2025 depending on development needs.

Information that remains to be confirmed, but it is not tomorrow that the studio will be ready to communicate on the game.

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