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If you wear makeup, you may be familiar with the pitfalls of going live, such as the unsightly foundation stain on your collar. You may take all the precautions (with a scarf, with your hair tilted forward) to get dressed without damaging your outfit or your makeup, sometimes that is not enough. And some products are particularly stubborn.

This is particularly the case for mascara. Whether the stain is on the eyelid or, for the clumsiest among us, a piece of clothing, we often wonder how we will be able to get rid of it without ruining our make-up for the first and without leaving a trace for the second. .

Fortunately, there is no shortage of tips for removing all kinds of stains: from grease to tomato sauce, including the dreaded blood stain. And it is generally on TikTok that we can find these miracle techniques, which require little investment and products that we often already have at home. The latest video that we spotted for this thorny mascara problem can be found on the TikTok account @purelessive, a hypoallergenic, vegan and paraben-free laundry detergent brand. And there are three very simple tips.

How to remove a mascara stain from clothing? 3 tips to get rid of it

With makeup remover

For the first method, you will need eye makeup remover and a cotton pad. Soak the cotton and dab the stain so “that the makeup remover seeps into the fabric“, as the TikToker explains in the video. All that’s left to do is rinse!

With Marseille soap

For the second technique, she explains that you need to bring a block of Marseille soap. All you have to do is moisten it before rubbing it on the stain and then rubbing again under water.and the stain comes off easily“, she explains.

With white vinegar

The third and final method concerns the case where the stain has dried, which can quickly be the case when the drama (we are hardly exaggerating) occurs in the morning rush before leaving for work. Then fill a tray with lukewarm water, add “two large glasses of white vinegar“. Let the garment soak for 30 minutes before rubbing it over the stain and rinsing it.


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