Mascara, varnish, lipstick… Discover our selection of luxury makeup products: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Makeup products from leading cosmetic brands are designed to meet a wide range of beauty needs. These brands, recognized worldwide, offer a variety of products including foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, eye shadows and many others. Advanced formulations and innovative technologies are often used to ensure high quality, long wear and compatibility with different skin types. In addition, these brands emphasize the diversity of shades and textures, allowing everyone to find the ideal product for their complexion and style.

1. Spring blush : Blush Backstage Rosy Glow, Dior, €44

Why do we love it? Imagined by Peter Philips, creative and image director of Dior makeup, the boost of freshness it brings to the face lasts all day. For that, This blush features technology that reacts to the skin’s pH to enhance its color, adjust perfectly to the skin tone and offer a tailor-made result. Its divinely evanescent texture is barely forgotten when applied and gives the impression of a naturally radiant complexion.

The application tip: Take a small amount of blush with a brush and sweep it diffusely across the tops of the cheekbones. Wait a few seconds for the color to reveal itself. If necessary, you can reapply a second veil, for more intensity.

The star color: among the six shades, Pink, a peppy pink, is our favorite. It brings freshness to light to medium skin.

© Blush Backstage Rosy Glow, Dior, €44.

2. Ultra-black mascara: Lash Clash Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent, €37

Why do we love it? In this house, mascaras are always a safe bet and the latest addition is no exception to the rule. Its conical brush takes care of the right amount of material and deposits it on all the eyelashes, even the shortest, thanks to its 260 bristles which grab them one by one to fill them out, enhance them and lift them. Its “oil in water” formula also provides maximum volume without being cardboardy.

The application tip: for a lifting effect, target the application of mascara to the lashes at the outer corner of the eye using the tip of the brush. For a fan-shaped look, apply mascara to the inner corner of the eye and continue across the entire lash line, stretching the lashes outwards.

The star color: black, whose hyper-pigmented texture gives intensity to all eyes and highlights smoky eyes like simple lines of liner.

© Lash Clash Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent, €37

3. Ready-to-wear varnish: Le Vernis, Chanel, €32

Why do we love it? This lacquer allows you to be at the forefront of fashion right down to the tips of your nails thanks to its luminous shades inspired by the house’s signature colors and its perfect coverage. Long lastingit offers a shiny and radiant result for a week.

The application tip: after laying your base, apply two coats of varnish to obtain a deep color and a homogeneous finish. Then apply a top coat and stretch it onto the edge of the nail to seal in the color.

The star color: THE Red Black, an iconic shade created almost 30 years ago. This intense and elegant shade adapts to all skin tones and enhances all styles, from the most rock to the most glamorous.

© Le Vernis, Chanel, €32.

4. Luminous lipstick: Rosso Valentino, Valentino Beauty, €49

Why do we love it? All you have to do is apply it to your lips, and your whole face will regain color! His secret: a formula that contains shade-amplifying pearls. They capture the light to give the pigments all their intensity. Very comfortable to apply and over time, it makes itself forgotten. And as it is rechargeable, you can change colors depending on your outfit or your desire!

The application tip: its beveled V-shaped grape perfectly matches the shape of the lips. If you want well-defined contours, combine it with a tone-on-tone pencil. On the contrary, if you are looking for a blurred effect, apply it with the pad of your finger.

The star color: the color palette is very varied, around 50 shades, matte or satin, but the 22 R Rosso Valentino Satin, a carmine redremains our favorite for its elegance.

© Rosso Valentino, Valentino Beauty, €49

5. The couture eye palette: Ombres d’Hermès, €104

Why do we love it? Finally a palette where we really use all the shades! This quartet of matte and shimmery eyeshadows dresses, sculpts, illuminates, redraws the look. It is made up of a highlighter, a light satin color, another dark matte and a more fancy shade, sometimes even pepsy in certain palettes. These silky powders melt very easily onto the skin. And good news, the case is rechargeable.

The application tip: apply the neutral base then apply the color flat on the eyelid. Target the dark shadow on the lash line and blend towards the temples. Finish by applying the shimmering shade to the inner corner of the eye.

The star color: the palette is available in 6 shades, but Smoky Shadows is the easiest to wear. A shades of browns and grays, which suits all skin tones and highlights all irises.

© Shadows of Hermès, €104.

6. Silk effect foundation: Luminous Silk, Armani Beauty, €55

Why do we love it? It’s a makeup essential. Its light, silky texture is nevertheless capable of hiding small imperfections and above all, it illuminates the complexion in two brush strokes. This magic formula is due to nylon powders which provide transparency and polymers which give it perfect slipperiness. This foundation is suitable for all skin types: oily, combination, dry, mature…

The application tip : stretch it using a flat brush so that the material merges with the skin. You can then adjust the coverage according to your needs. If you have any flaws to hide, simply go over the affected area.

The star color: it is available in 40 shadesyou will inevitably find the one that matches your skin tone perfectly.

© Luminous Silk, Armani Beauty, €55.

7. Matte lipstick: Devotion Liquid Lipstick in mousse, Dolce & Gabanna €43

Why do we love it? This transfer-free, fluid lipstick lasts perfectly for hours! Like us, you will fall for its matte finish, which gives the mouth a beautiful velvety effect without drying out the lips nor cause discomfort. Its very fine applicator allows you to draw contours with precision. Its elegant tube fits easily into a bag or pocket.

The application tip: moisturize your lips beforehand. With the tip of the foam tip, draw the cupid’s bow then spread the lipstick on the lips. Let it dry for 10 seconds before pursing your lips.

The star color: among the 9 shades available, Devotion, remains the most emblematic. This luminous red flatters all skin tones.

© Devotion Liquid Lipstick in mousse, Dolce & Gabanna €43.

8. Velvety radiance powder: Prisme Libre Mini, Givenchy, €31

Why do we love it? This iconic quartet of loose powders sets makeup, illuminates and gives the skin a velvety appearance in a single gesture. Its advantages : mother-of-pearl which reflect light, spheres which blur irregularities, polymers mattifying and above all, a combination of four complementary colors, which enhance the radiance of the complexion.

The application tip: turn the case over and apply the powder with the powder puff or sweep it with a brush. Focus on the middle area to reduce shine. The powder can be applied both to bare skin and over foundation.

The star color: THE Free Prism n°1in pastel tones: its green, blue, mauve and lilac shades wonderfully boost the luminosity of the complexion.

© Prisme Libre Mini, Givenchy, €31.

Fashion show makeup artists are also getting in on the action

Pat Mac Grath, Charlotte Tilbury, Farah Homidi… These backstage stars have also created their own makeup brand. Result ? Sensory textures, easy to work with and powerful pigments that are sure to seduce.

Luxury brushes, a real difference?

High-end materials, shapes designed with great precision… branded brushes are tools that have the advantage of being kept for years. Provided you take care of them: clean the hairs with shampoo or soap, wring them out and let them dry flat.

How to make your makeup products last longer?

To do this, your hygiene must be impeccable, especially if you touch the products (potted lip balms, foundations, etc.) with your fingers. Wash your hands and disinfect them. Another option, spray cosmetic disinfectant spray on your powders, pencils, lipstick. To preserve your mascara, regularly clean the edges of the tube with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol. In fact, if the screw thread is not clean, it closes poorly and the formula dries more quickly. Also avoid back and forth movements in the tube, which allow air to enter and dry out the material. Shampoo your brushes, sponges, powder puffs because they are real breeding grounds for microbes which can affect the quality of your products. In summary, maintenance is really the key to extend the life of your makeup.

Thanks to Cindy Galhac, Makeup Artist.

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