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If healthcare workers are used to wearing these medical devices on a daily basis, it is much less the case of the general public, who make mistakes, which can make wearing the mask completely unnecessary. We take stock.

How to properly wear a surgical mask?

Many wear this type of mask, which is more easily accessible than the famous FFP2, although experts are measured as to its protective effects. It would indeed be useful only for the sick, to protect those around them. Either way, to be effective, this mask must be used correctly. It is necessary to wash your hands before laying. Then place it on the face, with the rigid edge up and tie it. Pinch the bar to adjust it to the level of the nose, then lower the bottom of the mask under the chin. Make sure the paper covers the entire chin. Once adjusted, do not touch the mask with your hands.

To remove it, grasp it at the back by the straps or the elastic bands, so as not to touch the front part of the mask. Throw it in a trash can with a resealable plastic bag, then wash your hands.

Remember that a surgical mask is for single use. It should be changed as soon as it gets wet and at least every four hours.

How to properly adjust your FFP2 mask

It is the most effective mask: it protects both the wearer and those around him, because it is able to filter out infectious agents. Of course, to be effective, it also needs to be properly used. After a serious hand wash, place the mask on the face, the nasal bar on the nose. Hold the mask and pass the elastics behind your head without crossing them. Pinch the bar at the nose to adjust it as well as possible.

To check the tightness of the mask (and therefore its effectiveness), hold a sheet or plastic on the mask, inhale: the mask should be pressed lightly on the face. Once the mask is adjusted, do not touch it again. Also follow the instructions above to remove it. If the FFP mask is ill-fitting to the face, its effectiveness is less: it will not protect more than a simple surgical mask.

FFP2 masks are also for single use, their duration of use is variable (refer to the instructions), never exceeding eight hours.

Source: INRS

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