Mask Singer 4 – The Unmasked Bear: the investigators have shone, once again!

Mask Singer made its big comeback on August 23, with its fourth season. The cast of characters includes thePolar bear. Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adam therefore have the mission, like the viewers, to discover which star is hiding behind. Even before he entered the game, the magazine Here is shared an indiscretion: Kev Adams would have been “odious” with the Polar Bear and a clash would have even been avoided between them.

In addition, during a trailer, his very particular role was explained: “The Polar Bear will systematically be on waiversand it will be up to investigators, as well as the public, to decide his fate.” But “to enter the competition, he will have to eliminate two characters. None of them want to leave their place“, we learned again. So what personality are we talking about? Answer right away because he has just unmasked himself this Tuesday, September 27. Here are the clues…

All the clues revealed

– Singing in a band, he always liked it.
– He likes to be around, even if he was “solo” the first time we heard him on stage.
– A coffee and a croissant were unveiled in its first magneto.
– We saw him a lot on TV, he has “several activities“.
He has already won trophies.
– He has a character in his image, but “not so cold” that
– A frame of Joyce Jonathan was revealed as a clue
– Putting on costumes, it reminds him of “the parades, in extravagant outfits
– Dress “in sexy fashion, naked“, He has the habit
– Shurikens (a traditional Japanese weapon) were revealed in one of his magnetos, the investigators then thought of the program “Ninja Warrior”.

A clue was revealed from his smartphone. This is the TF1 tower. “Ready for a new show” could we read. He sang Love me tender of Elvis Presley while dueling the Dalmatian and the Knight, before singing The last day of disco of Juliette Armanet facing the Pharaoh then Manhattan-Kabul by Renaud and Axelle Red in duet with the Elephant. He also performed Born to be alive by Patrick Hernández

Opinion of the investigators

Francis Huster, who had joined the investigators, thought of Christophe Beaugrand. He convinced his comrades who thus shared his intuition. Since then, they have stayed on this track. Only Kev Adams, for the joke, thought of another celebrity by quoting Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

It’s ultimately about…

And it was indeed Christophe Beaugrand who was hiding behind the Bear costume. Good deduction from the investigators, but also from another host who had already grilled him!

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