Mask Singer: Laurent Ruquier reveals live the identity of the polar bear and the elephant

Laurent Ruquier spoke about the Mask Singer program in the Big Heads this Wednesday, September 21. Convinced of knowing who is hiding under two costumes, the facilitator revealed their names.

The show Mask Singer has been making a comeback for a few weeks on the TF1 antenna. The purpose of this? They are public figures who hide under masks and perform songs in front of a jury in order to be discovered through their voices. This Wednesday, September 21, Laurent Ruquier was at the head of the Big Heads when he wanted to discuss the program. Did he reveal the names of the people hiding under the white bear and elephant costumes? As he does at the start of each broadcast, he presents the personalities who will accompany him. “A Big Head that also makes White Bear on TF1, Christophe Beaugrand“, he first launched. A statement that upset the principal concerned, who quickly tried to defend himself. “I don’t see what you are talking about, Laurent“, he replied. For his part, Laurent Ruquier seemed very sure of himself and he therefore said: “I saw you last night in Mask Singer. I recognized you. A guy who beats himself up and sings out of tune. It can only be you, Beaugrand“, he had fun. What Christophe Beaugrand said: “I just sang“, thus suggesting that it is indeed him under this costume. At his side was Hugo Manos who added: “And who’s trying to jump Keen V, the Elephant, on top of it, because you’re both in disguise, so there can’t be a harassment suit.” Have the members of the show indirectly confirmed what Internet users have been thinking from the start?

The investigation continues in Mask Singer. For several weeks, the personalities have been linked together and put on a show in order to keep their place in the program. In an attempt to unmask them, these are Kev Adams, Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou and Jeff Panacloc who have been called. But who is hiding under the costume of the bride, the drag-queen Dalmatian, the mouse, the firefighter elephant or even the monkey? So far, six costumes have been unmasked. On the first night, Marianne James, who was hiding under the baby, made a surprise appearance. There was also Frederic Diefenthalseen in the series Here it all starts, which was under the gingerbread. On the second evening, these are Yoann Riou under genius and Marion Bartoli under the koala which surprised the investigators. For the third evening, these are Francis Husterunder the mask of the Pharaoh and Christelle Chollet, under that of the Dalmatian who have been unmasked. The following week is Laetitia Milot, who was hiding under the mouse costume, which revealed his identity. During that of Tuesday, September 20, the candidates competed in duets and it was the Knight who said goodbye to the programs. Under it was a famous candidate from Koh-Lanta, Laurent Maistretwho has dazzled viewers and interviewers alike over the weeks with her incredible performances.

Mask Singer: which investigator was very surprised by a costume?

The program Mask Singer connects the surprises and these sometimes concern the investigators. This Tuesday, September 20, a new costume appeared for a few minutes. It was the viking who was unmasked very quickly thanks to his voice. Indeed, it is Francis Huster who made a comeback to become an investigator for an evening. A little later, it’s construction cone who appeared and created a surprise, especially for Chantal Ladesou. After having made many jokes over the shows, it was her husband, Michel Ansault, who decided to come and tease her. You ain’t gotta be my husband, ’cause you gon’ hear me“, she blurted out, before continuing: Ola, I’m ashamed“. A moment she won’t soon forget.

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