Massive recall of electric bikes: these models recalled for “brake failure”

Several models of electric or standard bicycles marketed in April are subject to a recall due to malfunctioning of the braking system.

The government platform Rappel Conso, which lists dangerous products, such as pizzas contaminated with E. Coli bacteria, has issued an alert on bicycles that have Radius brand brakes, which have “malfunctions on the function braking”.

The bikes concerned are models of the brands Scrapper, TVT, EXS, SUNN, Feu Vert, WOODSUN, Nakamura, which are marketed throughout France at distributors such as Go Sport, Leclerc, Intersport, Carrefour, etc.

It is recommended for people who bought a bike of these brands between the 1er and on April 29 to consult the list of batches concerned by the recall on the site If you own one of the affected bicycles, it is possible to return it to the points of sale to obtain a repair of the braking system.

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