Matchpoint Tennis Championships: These tips will help you win online more often


You don’t win online that often in Matchpoint Tennis Championships? Thanks to these tips, that will change.

We give you important tips for Matchpoint Tennis Championships. (Source: Calypso)

Publisher Kalypso and developer Torus have released Matchpoint Tennis Championships for PC and consoles (also for PS5, Xbox Series X and Switch), offering a new game in an underserved genre: tennis.

Perhaps you quickly noticed that the computer-controlled opponents are not particularly strong and therefore play online against other flesh-and-blood players. Here it is much more difficult to leave the place as a winner. But we give you useful tips:

  • Choose a tennis pro who has solid baseline shots, pure net play tends to be difficult and not suitable for beginners.
  • Cross balls are safer than longline shots, otherwise a cross counter will put too much pressure on you.
  • When under pressure, hit cross balls without boosting them by holding down. They’re less powerful, but you can play wider angles and have more time to reposition.
  • If the opponent is often far behind the baseline, try a drop shot.
  • Get used to playing as close to the line as possible, it doesn’t have to be right on it, but close.
  • With your own serve, it is better to serve cross, i.e. diagonally across the net. This forces many opponents to position themselves differently. Then you put needle stitches with lapels through the middle.
  • However, this doesn’t work so well when the opponent uses a mix of stops and slices on the return. If the starting position varies during the serve, this could disrupt the opponent’s timing.
  • With your own return, you can also try the aforementioned stop slice return. Move forward about half a meter and hold the lower right shoulder button and the slice button. When your target circle appears, move toward the baseline center and release the Slice button. A short return should follow, after which you position yourself again in good time.
  • Otherwise, it is always worthwhile in tennis games to recognize the opponent’s behavioral patterns and quickly exploit weaknesses.

Thanks to these tips, it should work much better online, but of course there is no guarantee of a win.

We find that Matchpoint Tennis Championships can be fun, even if there are some omissions. You can read more about this in our overview of the best sports games on PS5.

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