Mathieu (“Love is in the meadow”) future dad via GPA: this crucial step he has just taken: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It’s in season 15 of the show Love is in the meadowin 2020, that viewers got to know Mathieu. The bull breeder fell in love with Alexandre, whom he later married. The couple planned to use surrogacy to have a child. On the set of At Jordan’s, in September 2022, Mathieu announced their breakup, thus surprising Internet users. However, this childhood project, the forty-year-old wanted to continue it on his own and it was good news that he revealed to his subscribers, Thursday September 21, 2023. On his account Instagramthe former contestant on the dating show M6 shares everything with Internet users. “Yesterday the embryo transfer took place. Ame, my life carrier, sent me a photo of her leaving the gynecology room with a thumb like that”, he said, miming a thumbs up. Very happy, Mathieu had great difficulty containing his joy. “And yesterday, the emotion was such that I couldn’t speak. So I couldn’t make a video to tell you this. I’m very, very happy,” he rejoiced, also specifying that the transfer went well.

Mathieu: “I know the sex”

This new step is crucial for Mathieu. “Now the embryo has to take”, he assured, then specifying that it will be fixed very soon: “It’s still the principle. We will have the pregnancy test on October 2.” Determined to be transparent with his subscribers, the former candidate of Love is in the meadow asserted : “I’m really crossing my fingers that this child, whose sex I know, can hang on.” However, the most curious will have to be patient since Mathieu did not want to reveal more. He simply wanted a “Have a good trip for ten days for this little child, hoping that he will hold on. His dad tells him: ‘Hang on'”, he concluded. As a reminder, in addition to his breakup with Alexandre, the emblematic candidate of the show had to face a second hard blow. During the summer of 2021, he announced that he was suffering from Cadasil disease, a pathology “incurable” which has an impact on their life expectancy. This diagnosis disrupted his desire to become a father but Mathieu never gave up.

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