Mathilde Panot on the withdrawal of Adrien Quatennens from LFI: “A wise and fair decision”

The president of the LFI group in the Assembly believes that the withdrawal of Adrien Quatennens is “an important signal” sent by the movement in the fight against gender-based and sexual violence.

Shock wave within La France Insoumise. Pinned down by a “handrail” from his wife for several episodes of violence, Adrien Quatennens broke his silence this Sunday by acknowledging certain facts, including a “slap”. By pulling the “political consequences”, he announced that he would withdraw from his activities within LFI. These revelations shake up the movement which wants to be on the front line in the fight against sexist and sexual violence.

“In fact, he will be in withdrawal”

Invited on Sunday on the set of the “Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro”, Mathilde Panot welcomed the “wise and just decision” of his fellow deputy. She also saw a “significant sign” sent by the movement in the management of this kind of business. The Insoumise has also taken the opportunity to justify the discretion of his people since the revelations of the Chained Duck last Tuesday. “Media time does not coincide with personal decision-making time. We are human beings, not machines. It is normal for a few days to pass. It’s not a few months or a few years.”she wanted to recall.

Mathilde Panot, however, did not wish to say more about the future of the deputy from the North within the LFI group in the Assembly. “Give us some time to organize ourselves. We should give you the road map in a minute. We are going to discuss with the movement and in the parliamentary group”she said, specifying all the same that “in fact, Adrien Quatennens will be in withdrawal”.

Mathilde Panot did not, however, completely close the door to a return: “We who are committed to the fight against gender-based and sexual violence do not think that a man, even if he has committed an act of violence at one time, is a man who is violent for life, that it would be natural”.

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