Matrix 3 quiz: does the end of the trilogy hold any secrets for you?

Last part of our series of quizzes dedicated to the original Matrix trilogy. The Matrix Revolutions movie was released twenty years ago, so is it still fresh in your memory?

After a quiz devoted to the first film of the Wachowski trilogy, then a second on the events of the Matrix Reloaded sequel, today we close our cycle with six questions on the third Matrix Revolutions film.

The opportunity to refresh our memory before launching, with a little “previously” on the events of the previous film. So we find Neo, Trinity and Morpheus in their fight against the machines that have enslaved humanity.

As the machines prepare to attack the last human city Zion, Neo begins to wonder about his true identity, and his place in the prophecy that foretells the end of the war. He will then be brought to meet the Oracle and the master of the keys who will bring him certain answers to his questions, as well as crucial information to be able to carry out his mission.

He will also have to face Agent Smith again who begins to take control of the Matrix, threatening the balance between the real world and the virtual world. The end of the film offers us an epic battle in which the humans desperately try to defend Zion against the attack of the machines, while Neo engages in a fight to the death against his sworn enemy.

The rest is up to you to guess, or rather to remember by trying to answer these six questions about the third film in the Matrix saga.

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