Matrix 4: Did you recognize Trinity’s husband in Resurrections?

In “Matrix Resurrections”, the character played by Carrie-Anne Moss is not the Trinity we know and her husband is played by an artist closely linked to the franchise.

Attention spoilers! It is best to have seen Matrix Resurrections before reading this article.

Trinity has changed a lot in Matrix Resurrections. The heroine, prisoner of a new Matrix, calls herself Tiffany. She is now the mother of two children and finds herself married to a man, Chad. The latter, who appears briefly several times in the film, is played by Chad Stahelski, coordinator of the fights of the Matrix trilogy, understudy of Keanu Reeves, but also director of John Wick.

In addition to this small role, a real nod to the universe of the franchise, the filmmaker once again worked on the choreography for a sequence. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he explains that he didn’t expect Lana Wachowski to ask him to appear on camera.

When she handed me the pages of the script with my first name on it, I replied: ‘Are you kidding me ?‘My first instinct was to say:’No, go and show you, I’m too busy. ‘, but those who graduate from Matrix school know it: loyalty is priceless. If we call you, you answer. I owe my entire career to Keanu Reeves and Lana. If they ask me to mop I would. ”

Warner Bros. Pictures

Chad Stahelski in “Matrix Resurrections”.

By the way, Carrie-Anne Moss’ real husband, Steven Roy, also appears in the film. He’s the one who plays the older version of Neo in the reflections of the mirrors. It is the first time that he intervenes in the same film as his wife.

As for Chad Stahelski, after the filming of Matrix Resurrections, he followed up with the fourth part of the adventures of John Wick, still worn by Keanu Reeves. Shot partly in Paris, the film saw its release date postponed by a year because of the health crisis. It is now expected in French theaters for March 2023.

Matrix Resurrections is currently in theaters.

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