Matt Pokora moved by the first steps of his son

As he prepares to turn 1, Isaiah took his first steps, under the tender eyes of Matt Pokora and Christina Milian, this Sunday, January 3.

All parents are amazed by their toddler's first steps, a crucial stage in a child's development. Baby slowly takes off and he will soon be able to travel small kilometers with his little feet. This Sunday, January 3, Matt Pokora filmed the first steps of his son Isaiah, who walks proudly held by the hand of Christina Milian. Visibly proud of himself, the little boy even utters a victorious cry.

Film actress, Singer

born 26/09/1981


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A happy dad!

For the New Year, the 35-year-old singer sent his best wishes to his fans. A particularly tough year which nevertheless remains its "most beautiful year of human life", as he recounts on his Instagram account. "Live from the little one's park! HAPPY NEW YEAR friends! We're coming out of a difficult year for most of us, as far as I'm concerned 2020 will remain the best year of my life as a man. I wish you health above all and more than ever. The rest will not fall from the sky so have ambition and do not let go of ANYTHING. Love on you ", he wrote.

In fact, in the same year, Matt Pokora became a father and got married to singer Christina Milian on December 9 in Paris. The couple also surprised fans by announcing that they would be parenting again.

At the moment, the sex of the baby remains a mystery. It will certainly be unveiled at the traditional Gender reveal party in the coming weeks.


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