Matteo had heart surgery: Hillary (Moms & Famous) reveals what her baby is suffering from

On November 23, Hillary and Giovanni Bonamy’s second baby boy stood out. But unfortunately, the young mother quickly became disillusioned. From the first moments after his birth, Matteo suffered from serious health problems. On Tuesday, January 11, the reality TV candidate explained what her baby was suffering from.

Since the birth of little Matteo, last November 23, Hillary and Giovanni Bonamy have lived through many adventures. And for good reason … From the first moments of his life, doctors had detected several health problems. In particular a heart murmur, worrying enough to believe the statements of the young mother. They detected a heart murmur in Matteo. We spent a very complicated night … Matteo didn’t want to sleep alone, he had too much stomach ache … “, she had explained through an Instagram story.

But ultimately, the health of the youngest had deteriorated over the weeks in the greatest of secrets. Indeed, Matteo had to carry out a large number of examinations to understand the heart problems of which he was a victim. On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Hillary spoke on social networks. In an Instagram post, she revealed the whole truth about her baby’s state of health. “Our life changed when we learned that Matteo had 2 heart defects. We preferred to keep all this to ourselves for 6 weeks in order to protect ourselves, in order to protect baby Milo. We spent a lot of time in the hospitals during those 6 weeks. We had to wait until Matteo gained weight and was at least 1 month old. Matteo had his heart surgery yesterday. The operation went well, he is currently in intensive care “, she said.

The start of a new life?

A few hours after indulging in such confidences, Hillary spoke in front of the camera alongside her future husband via an Instagram story. She revealed what Milo’s little brother was suffering from : “We went for a heart ultrasound six days after Matteo was born. And it turns out that this heart ultrasound, they detected that he had two heart problems … A narrowing of the aorta and it only has two valves instead of three. […] This causes hypertension and its blood flow is poorly oxygenated “. This is why he “had to operate quickly”.

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