Matthew McConaughey: He will soon be playing a soccer coach

Matthew McConaughey
He’ll soon be playing a football coach

Matthew McConaughey has been an Oscar winner since 2014.

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Matthew McConaughey has an interesting role on the line: as the coach of a women’s soccer team that made history.

A good omen? The last time Matthew McConaughey (52) starred in a film with the word “Dallas” in the title, he received the Oscar for “Best Actor” – for the AIDS drama “Dallas Buyers Club”. As reported by the industry website “Deadline”., McConaughey should now wave the male lead in the sports drama “Dallas Sting”. This film is also based on true events and tells the unusual success story of a female high school soccer team.

In 1984, the women’s soccer team traveled to China as the absolute underdog and surprisingly beat some of the best women’s teams there. The invitation was a gesture of understanding between the US and China.

As if made for the screen

When the Chinese government invited the US women’s national team to the tournament, there was just one catch: the US didn’t even have a women’s national soccer team at the time. A national search eventually turned up the Dallas team, who dubbed themselves “The Sting”.

According to the report, McConaughey will play coach Bill Kinder, and Kari Skogland has been hired to direct. The film is scheduled to go into production this fall.


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