Matthew Perry on James Michael Tyler: The “Friends” star mourns a “good friend”

Matthew Perry on James Michael Tyler
The “Friends” star mourns the loss of a “good friend”

Matthew Perry (left) has lost a “good friend” in James Michael Tyler.

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Matthew Perry mourns his “Friends” colleague James Michael Tyler. The manager of the “Central Perk” died on Sunday.

As Gunther, James Michael Tyler (1962-2021) ran the cult café “Central Perk” in the sitcom “Friends”. As his manager announced, the actor died on October 24th at the age of 59 from complications from cancer. Like other actors from the series, Matthew Perry (52) said goodbye to his former colleague.

He will miss James Michael Tyler

“We lost a good friend with James Michael Tyler yesterday,” Perry, who played Chandler, wrote on Twitter. The actor explained that Gunther would be missed.

The other “friends” had already contacted us beforehand. “James, thank you for such a wonderful, unforgettable role […] played and for being such a good-natured gentleman, “said David Schwimmer (54, Ross) on Instagram. Jennifer Aniston (52, Rachel) wrote, that the series “would not have been the same” without Tyler.

“We laughed a lot, buddy. We’ll miss you”, wrote Matt LeBlanc (54, Joey) meanwhile and also Courteney Cox (57, Monica) as well Lisa Kudrow (58, Phoebe) remembered Tyler.

Tyler was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018. Only a few months ago he went public with it and announced that the cancer was in the terminal stages. He was unable to walk because of tumors in his spine and bones, as revealed by a post on the Today Showin which the actor also had his say.


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