Matthias Schweighöfer: Five exciting facts about the actor

Matthias Schweighofer
Five exciting facts about the actor

Matthias Schweighöfer celebrates his 40th birthday on March 11th.

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Matthias Schweighöfer is 40 years old. The singer and actor is a real jack-of-all-trades. Here are five exciting facts about him:

The forever young acting actor, singer and director Matthias Schweighöfer celebrates his 40th birthday on March 11th. He is known for films with colleagues such as Til Schweiger (57, "Keinohrhasen" and "Zweiohrküken") or Florian David Fitz (46, "Der heilste Tag"). But he also shone in international films like "Der Rote Baron" (2008). In 2010 Schweighöfer made his debut as a director in the film "What a Man".

In 2015 he tried his hand at singing and released his first single, "Fly". Two years later his debut album "Lachen Weinen Tanzen" followed, which placed in the top 10 of the German and Austrian charts. But there are also some things about Matthias Schweighöfer that not everyone knows, such as his unusual hobby or his unconventional ritual before concerts …

1. The actor has an unusual hobby: archery.

Matthias Schweighöfer's last album from 2020 to date is entitled "Hobby". Fittingly, he revealed in an interview with spot on news that "actually music and sports" are among his greatest hobbies. He runs, but also "loves to cook". During the Corona lockdown, he also had time again for a rather unusual pastime: archery. In addition, he reads "a great many books".

2. Matthias Schweighöfer drinks vodka before his concerts.

Many musicians have rituals before they go on stage. Matthias Schweighöfer, too: "Before the performance, everyone in the team gets a small glass of vodka," he said in an interview with "" in 2017. The centiliter serves as a "lucky charm". He copied the ritual from the former late night show "Circus HalliGalli". "The mood was so cheerful back then that I continued this tradition," he said, looking back on the show with Joko Winterscheidt (42) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (37), which ran on ProSieben until 2017.

3. Matthias Schweighöfer doesn't like to party.

Anyone who knows Matthias Schweighöfer from some of his buddy films may expect the actor to pop the corks in private too. But the 40-year-old is not a party type, as he explained in an interview with the "FAZ" in 2010. He prefers to ignore galas and premieres. "I never go to parties. I'm not the type for it. I feel rather uncomfortable there because I never really know which people I'll meet and why they'll talk to me at all," Schweighöfer said at the time. He lives according to the motto: "Something is going on? Great! I'll stay at home."

4. As a teenager, Matthias Schweighöfer was overweight.

As a teenager, Matthias Schweighöfer had a few pounds too much on his ribs. He once told this in an interview with the school magazine "Unicum Abi", as the "B.Z." 2009 reported. Accordingly, he decided to lose weight both for himself and for the girls in his class. Because: "If you don't get any, it sucks," he said. Nowadays, the 40-year-old apparently no longer has any problems with his body: In his films, for example, he sometimes runs naked through Berlin – as in "100 Things" alongside Florian David Fitz.

5. Matthias Schweighöfer does not share an apartment with his girlfriend.

Matthias Schweighöfer has been in a relationship with actress Ruby O. Fee (25) for over two years. He does not give much insight into his private life, but in an interview with "Gala" in 2020 he explained that the couple had two separate apartments and why this division was "great": It was "very nice when we shared a household at times," and at the same time everyone has their own life. Then you can pick yourself up again for dinner ".