Maud Baecker: Love, Tomorrow belongs to us, the role of Alexia Daval … She confides

Maud Baecker, who plays Anna Delcourt in Tomorrow belongs to us, plays an awkward bachelor in L’Amour (almost) parfait, a romantic series to see on France 2 from January 19.

What emotions do you feel when you play such a bubbly woman?

MAUD BAECKER: This series is so light, with beautiful feelings… “Jul”, in other words Julie, is clumsy. Nothing works for her but she believes in love. Jul is a bit of a French Bridget Jones.

There is a happy scene where your character imagines seducing Max (François Vincentelli) and begins a Travolta-Newton-John dance. What memory do you keep?

What did we laugh! We ended up dancing on the banks of the Seine in Paris, like in a musical. And yet, we are not professional dancers!

The lively tone of this series contrasts with what France 2 generally offers. Do you welcome this audacity?

For fifteen years and Clara Sheller, the channel had not aired this kind of atmosphere. And the cast is ambitious: Antoine Duléry, François Berléand and Jul’s two friends, Isabelle Vitari and Nadia Roz!

What message does this romantic comedy carry?

That there is only one way to love. Love can last a few seconds or years, between different or similar people. We all have a part of Jul. It is the child who lies dormant in us.

What kind of lover are you?

I don’t have the same background as my character, since I’ve been with the same man for years. But we both have the same state of mind, very positive.

You also play Anna in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. What will happen to him in the next episodes?

With Karim, they got back together once again. I haven’t been around too much for the past few months. There, I returned to the antenna, before slipping away again.

So have you started filming the TV movie on the Daval affair for TF1?

Yes, we are in it. I play Alexia Daval. I can’t talk too much about it. But I’m really lucky to be able to move from one type of role to another.

In the end, what do you remember of L’Amour (almost) parfait?

We laughed a lot. To the point that the director, Pascale Pouzadoux, had to leave the set one day because of a giggle. The only downside: we shot in Paris this summer, where the weather wasn’t very nice. The rain forced us to change our working plans… In short, it was an (almost) perfect shoot!


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