Maud Descamps joker of Bruce Toussaint in Hello! : the size problem she encountered when replacing it

By Atika Mahmoudi | Editor

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The journalist from “Hello!” gave an interview to our colleagues from “Télé Loisirs”. The opportunity to confide behind the scenes of her casting to be the joker of Bruce Toussaint during which she encountered a problem.

Maud Descamps joker of Bruce Toussaint in Hello! : the size problem she encountered when replacing it

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Bruce Toussaint is absent this week, in Good morning ! (TF1). The 50-year-old presenter is on vacation. It is therefore Maud Descamps (one of his jokers, with Christophe Beaugrand) who replaces him at short notice. Asked by Leisure TV (edition of April 8, 2024), she however admitted that she faced a major problem.

After being a columnist in Telematin from 2018 to 2023, it was on TF1 that Maud Descamps arrived last January, in the morning news of the first channel. Originally, she was the head of an eco-consumer column. But this week, the 42-year-old journalist takes on the role of presenter and is delighted about it. She had informed Thierry Thuillier, the head of information, that she had liked to be a joker in Telematin. She was therefore delighted to be trusted.

The amusing confession of Maud Descamps concerning her attempt to be Bruce Toussaint’s joker

The mother had taken tests at the end of March to find out if she was up to it. And she faced an unexpected problem. “I had to adjust the height of Bruce’s chair because it is very big [1,92 m, NDLR]even though I measure 1.64 m. When I sat down in his seat, I almost found myself with the desk under my chin. ! Next to him, we all look small “, laughed Maud Descamps.

Obviously, Bruce Toussaint did not go on vacation without making some recommendations to his replacement. “He told me to pay attention to my speech and to speak more or less quickly depending on the information I give on the air. The hardest part is having the driver in mind. The mechanics of the program are essential because it allows you to be in a mood show“, she admitted to TV Major Channels (from April 15). It is clear that it fulfills its function brilliantly. The presenter will therefore be able to go on vacation with even more peace of mind.

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