Maurine “cold” with Benjamin after the honeymoon? He confides

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Maurine and Benjamin will they end up together? The future of this couple of “Married at first sight” remains undecided. And the signals are not good…

Viewers will soon be fixated on the future of the couples formed in Married at first sight 2023. On Monday June 5, the M6 ​​program will broadcast its last episode and will unveil the final chapter of this romantic adventure like no other. In a relationship or close to divorce? Jefferson and Pedro, the program’s first gay couple, gave their answer, as did Anabel and Fabrice. But if the attraction is palpable for Léa and Emmanuel, who already evoke without taboo their intimate relations, it is not the same for Maurine and Benjamin.

The Spanish teacher indeed had a physical requirement that her suitor did not meet : the size. And her attitude at the wedding worried the MAPR team. The expert Gilbert Bou Jaoudé confided that he did not recognize the young woman they had met. She seemed to be spinning, consumed by stress.

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Maurine and Benjamin will they end up together?

Her father’s speech had relaxed Maurine but she had then kept her distance on the wedding night. Some releases took place during their honeymoon, but their budding complicity did not seem to resist the separation. The lack could have been felt but this was not the case according to Benjamin: Since we got back, we send few messages. It remains very cordial, simply to take news”.

The sharp-eyed young woman explained: “At the moment, I have contact with him, but then all of a sudden it’s a lot for me actually“. Maurine does not wish call her husband more: “I need time. I need to feel that I am not being oppressed, that I am not stuck. I am really a free electron. She was invited by Benjamin to go to his place to be fixed on their couple. He says : “Frankly, I don’t know at all where I am. I try to get as much news as possible, often it’s me who goes to her”. A reunion which will therefore be decisive for the newlyweds. An undecided outcome for this couple, whose answer we will know next Monday.

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